“ Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”……Aristotle

 Down the year St. Michael’s School serve as a beacon light of knowledge in this ever changing global society through the amalgamating formula of curricular and Co-curricular activity of the student.

At St. Michael’s School, we provide a student centric, holistic environment for knowledge where they channelized their potentiality towards the excellence. Here, the talent, skills and abilities of each students must be identified, nurtured and encouraged, so that he/she can touch the Zenith.

The school is striving hard to make education more familiar than the burden.

In our curriculum, students are the centre of focus. We are constantly evolved our methodology of teaching, classroom management, lesion planning, subject enrichment and skill of staff members.

While, academic excellence is the vital trust of this organization, the school always devoted to prepare each and every students for their future, groom them to faces the challenge in life and encourage them to be a honest pupil.

St. Michael’s School is not only the torch bearer of academic excellence but conquering the throne at the field of debate, quiz, painting, elocution and sports from district and state level.

I, as a principal feels very honored to be a part of this glorious institute, believe that a complete balance in between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthuastic parents leads the education to the threshold of Zenith.  

So, teachers at school and parents at home are equal stake holders in holistic education and we both need to be partners in this learning process of your child.

I, welcome you to a partnership which aims at molding our children into national citizens with a global vision.